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Kings Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is one of the most attractive and durable surface materials for driveways, walkways, and patios. However, over time, concrete’s light-colored surface can become marred with dirt, debris, and stains from decomposing leaves, auto residues, and soot. This can leave your home’s exterior looking less than it’s best. Fortunately, a good pressure washing can have…

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Kings Commercial Building Washing

Have you ever watched a video where a building was being washed with a high-powered hose had been amazed at the results? At Kings Of Pressure, we believe every building needs specialized attention to maintain that special appeal. Our team utilizes both skill and technology, as well as our soft wash approach, to safely remove dirt,…

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House Washing

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning! Many homeowners especially dread outdoor spring cleaning. Scrubbing surfaces outside is labor-intensive, time-consuming and often frustrating. What if there were a way to thoroughly clean your exterior surfaces in one session? Wouldn’t it also be great if the results were long-lasting?Well, that’s the kind of cleaning that…

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Residential Roof Cleaning

When you start to make your spring cleaning list, it’s easy to forget about the roof. After all, it’s hard to see how dirty it can get. It quietly sits there and protects you from the elements, but it can’t do that as effectively when it’s not maintained. The Benefits of Roof Cleaning You receive…

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Why You Should Clean Your Patio

It’s almost that time of year again. Time for spring cleaning. While inside the house you might know exactly what to do, outside the house can be trickier. Maybe you’re thinking about getting new patio furniture, or maybe you’re just tired of how dull your patio has looked lately. Often with the busy winter season,…

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The Benefits and Importance of Snow Removal

Winter is coming — and so is the snow. If you’ve ever spent hours shoveling what feels like countless inches of snow out of your driveway (and if you live in and around Worcester, you definitely have), you know that manual snow removal isn’t always the best option. Let’s take a look at why it’s…

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Is Your Property Ready for Winter?

Is Your Property Ready for Winter?  As New Englanders, we aren’t supposed to be phased by snowy weather. It’s a sometimes-everyday reality of the winter season, and it’s important to have an action plan ready when you see snowflakes in the forecast. But when you’re a Kings of Pressure client, you can leave that action…

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The Ingredients of a Successful Property Service

You’re focused on the success of your business – and you should be able to count on your property to bring you closer to that goal. But here’s the hook. Property maintenance takes time, expertise, and routine upkeep. It’s too much to balance alone, and if you don’t have a pressure washing company you can…

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We Make Boston Industrial Cleaning Easy

We’re committed to quality. We’re committed to simplification. And we’re committed to reliability. When you turn to Kings of Pressure for your Boston industrial cleaning solutions, you’re getting high caliber results without the stress – and that’s something you can count on. The Standard of Every Service We work with a broad range of clients…

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Bringing the Best in Industrial Cleaning to Boston

An Boston industrial property faces a unique set of challenges – and it’s the job of Kings of Pressure to ensure you have all the tools you need to overcome them. Our pressure washing menu is built around the special cleaning needs of this sector, so you can focus on the job ahead with confidence.…

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