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Historic Brick Cleaning

Historical Brick Cleaning and the Kings of Pressure Difference

The historical brick in Boston is legendary. It’s New England charm at its finest – and the surface offers rich historic value from the sidewalk to the building exterior. Boston’s Historic Brick is in Good Hands Kings of Pressure is proud to preserve this important part of Boston’s architecture. Bring out the best in your…

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Why Historic Brick Cleaning Matters

We don’t often think of properties as antiques. They’re functional by nature – they’re resilient to the elements, and they’re designed to stand the test of time. But historic brick buildings in Boston share a lot of the same qualities you might find in an antique. They’re historically significant, they’re unique, they’ve endured year after…

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Historic Brick Cleaning: Client Profile

Our client needed help. They were enormously proud of their historic Boston property; it was a beacon in their neighborhood, and it contributed to their professional reputation and community appeal. But the New England elements were taking their toll on the historic brick. And they needed serious cleaning power to combat the issue. The Problem:…

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