Our Commercial Building Washing Process

Schools and restaurants. Medical centers and office buildings. Retail stores and government buildings. Commercial buildings serve many roles in the community, but the caliber of exterior cleaning service they receive should always be on par.

A Recipe for Building Washing Success

At Kings of Pressure, we believe that your property is an investment. This means that we devote a few important resources to your success:

  • Pressure washing technology to guarantee that the pressure washing equipment we bring to you is the best pressure washing equipment on the market
  • Continuing education to ensure that our technicians are always on the cutting edge of pressure washing mastery
  • Satisfaction guaranteed to make sure that our customers feel confident that we hold our work to the highest standard

Our Building Washing Process

We approach every building washing process in two ways: through pressure washing or soft washing. The method is dependent on the surface type of your exterior, but both deliver the same high caliber results:

  • Bacteria and fungus removal: We remove existing mold, mildew, moss, and algae – and prevent it from making a comeback
  • Stain removal: Dirt, pollen, and other New England eyesores are no longer a stain on your curb appeal with our solution
  • Long-term results: We deliver solutions that have long-lasting power. This means that your curb appeal isn’t fleeting; it stands out for many months.

Your reputation matters – to you, to your clients, to your staff, and to your community. Kings of Pressure is proud to make curb appeal simple with our commercial building washing process.

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