Historic Brick Cleaning: Client Profile

Our client needed help. They were enormously proud of their historic Boston property; it was a beacon in their neighborhood, and it contributed to their professional reputation and community appeal. But the New England elements were taking their toll on the historic brick. And they needed serious cleaning power to combat the issue.

The Problem: Exposure & Poor Maintenance

When we visited the client’s property, we understood their concern – although their property was beautifully maintained, their brick exterior was bringing curb appeal down. Historic brick should be a bonus; it should lift a property up. But when it doesn’t have a proper brick cleaning service in place, the result is:

  • Dull: Brick surfaces can take on a dull, lifeless appearance if they aren’t routinely cleaned
  • Dirty: Because brick is porous, the surface is a sponge for dirt, dust, and other contaminants
  • Degrading: Dirt and other contaminants aren’t just ugly – they also cause your brick surface to degrade at a faster rate

The Solution: Specialty Brick Cleaning

It was time for this property to fight back against dirt and grime – and our team was here to help. We delivered a specialty historic brick cleaning service that:

  • Brightened the brick surface by removing the dull, dirty outer layer
  • Removed dirt and other buildup with cleaning products that break down debris
  • Extracted grime using our deep cleaning method
  • Protected the long life of the building with our specialty cleaning method

Today, the client’s property is a beacon of curb appeal in its Boston community. It stands out for its historic value and its authentic charm. Their property gets noticed for all the right reasons – and will continue to for years to come.

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