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Residential Hardscape Maintenance


Professional Hardscape Cleaning

Hardscapes aren’t just a functional asset -- They’re a decorative one, too. Kings of Pressure is proud to offer professional solutions that will keep this important part of your property beautiful and long-lasting.

Our Primary Services For Hardscapes

Hardscape Cleaning removes dirt, algal growth, dust, and other buildup. We also have the ability to eliminate stains and discoloration caused by vehicle leaks, spilled food and beverages, and other issues. Our team will come to your home armed with the best technology and cleansers to get the job done.

We always use a soft wash approach to attend to these spaces. This allows us to gently restore your space without exposing it to unnecessary force. This low pressure method is a safer and more effective alternative to traditional high pressure washing techniques.

Hardscape Sealing preserves the longevity of this vital part of your property. Our team uses a unique Seal and Lock solution that revives your hardscapes and leaves them looking like new.

The sealing process doesn’t only improve aesthetics, but also prevents the growth of mold or algae. As a result, we’ll give your property a boost and provide you with the peace of mind that your hardscapes will stand the test of time.

Kings of Pressure proudly attends to brick, pavers, asphalt, and more. Our maintenance solutions will give your home a facelift and help your investment to last longer and look better!

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