What Are the Steps in a Building Restoration Project?

“Historic” has fluid meaning. Depending on the building, it can place value on specific elements that make your property stand out. Our job? To protect those elements and preserve the unique nature of your space.

Every build restoration project for historic buildings contain a few core steps. It’s important to remember that the entire process is tailored to your property – so you’ll always get a completely custom service. But we use this framework to guide our solution:

  1. Pre-project assessment
    This is the most important part of any build restoration project. It lets us dive into the unique nature of your property and develop a plan that will protect it for the long term.
  2. Restoration implementation
    We integrate rigorous safety measures and compliance needs to ensure that your restoration project meets modern regulations without losing its special character.
  3. Clear communication and regular check-ins
    Throughout every step of the process, we keep the lines of communication open and clear. We care about creating a unique thumbprint for your property – and this focus on conversation helps us guarantee a better result.

With your build restoration experts at Kings of Pressure, your historic building will always hold its special character… And have the infrastructure it needs to last.

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